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The 3-Gun Show podcast, is a weekly audio show featuring stories, tips & tricks, gear recommendations and match reviews from the biggest 3-Gunners in the world!

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  • I am a pistol Grand Master transitioning into doing some 3 gun this year, I love this show puts you pretty much in a one on one conversation with some of the best 3 gun shooters on the planet. I am very anxious for more episodes!

  • Paul Morgan says:

    Great show! I love the feedback that is given on every show. I think your catch phrase is “That’s Awesome!” Mainly because every bit of information that is given is great feedback.

    • Dave says:

      Ha! Yeah, it is definitely my “go-to” phrase for acknowledging that someone just said something cool. Thanks for putting up with it! 🙂

  • Saming says:

    Good Stuff Thx for doing it!

  • Lynn Harsh says:

    Great show Dave! I look forward to each new episode!

  • Dave Anderson says:

    Hi Dave,
    great show, I’ve been listening for awhile. The fellas and girls you interview really have the passion. But I must say I really enjoyed the Jeff Cramblit episode, as it took me back. I was a UKPSA shooter back in the day. His story of his first shoot reminded me of my early days, but my speed loader pouches were made from cornflake packets and electrical tape!!! It was all a big thing for me living in the UK as hand guns were not a common part of life. Other than a borrowed revolver I started off buying an ex military .45 then spending money on loads of stuff that ended up with a custom built 38 super from Chuck Rogers of Presscott Arizona until the British government decided we couldn’t own such things anymore. But that was a time ago. Jeff really brought back to life memories of the great characters I met through shooting, Arizona and Colorado still some of my all time favourite memories.(Me and my family being invited to Nyle Latham’s house for dinner, WICKED!!!)
    Great show Dave, keep it up.
    At my age and location I am never likely to shoot 3gun but I really enjoy listening to passionate people talk stuff!

    3 gun is something at my age I am not likely to do, but

    • Dave says:

      That is so cool Dave, thank you for the kind words and the great story!
      I appreciate you listening to the show even though you aren’t in a spot to shoot 3-Gun.

  • Mark Cohrs says:

    Hi Dave. Thank you for the effort and time you put into doing this show. I haven’t shot any matches yet but have been listening to all of your shows the past couple of months. It has been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction to get started in the sport.
    If you ever get a chance I would like to know what you and some of your guests would say are things you need or definitely should have for your first club match?

    P.s. Get Taran on again if you can. That episode was very funny.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for listening Mark, glad you’re enjoying the show!
      Off the top of my head Ill say that these are the big ones:
      Guns: Rifle (zeroed), pistol, shotgun.
      Ammo: .223 ammo (not steel core), 9mm, 7.5 or 8 bird shot, low-recoil slugs (if necessary)
      Accessories: Kydex or plastic holster that covers the trigger guard, mag pouches (if you have them, can use pockets), shell caddies (if you have them, can use pockets or borrow)
      Etc: Appropriate clothes for weather conditions including rain gear, sunscreen, water & snacks (can be used to make friends or as thank you if you borrow gear)

      There is much more gear you COULD bring but this is the minimum to start with.
      Hope that helps!

  • James Lestina says:

    Dave and Dillen thanks for that insightful episode regarding the 10 tips as a newer shooter I always am looking for the “Golden Nuggets” of information shared by the professionals. Dave I enjoy listening to all the guests please keep up the great work !

  • Scott N. says:

    I have shot Topton the last 2 years and it is the best time. Easily the most fun I have at a match every year.

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