3-Gun Gear Recommendations


I have been all over the country shooting 3-Gun and have had the opportunity to see, test and try out a lot of gear. I am the type of shooter that likes to try new things and play with new gear but I generally don’t buy anything new unless I feel like something I am currently using is holding me back.

Below is a list of the gear that I use and recommend.


Breda USA B12is (or B12i)

Invictus Practical DeTurk Vest

Invictus Practical R12Q

Invictus Practical 2.8


Armalite 13.5″ and/or 18″ 3-Gun Model (email dave @ 3gunshow.com for special pricing through Armalite)

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x with  VMR-2 MRAD Reticle

Warne Skel Mount

Timney Single-Stage Flat Trigger

HiperFire Hipertouch Competition

L.A.G. Tactical MCS Magazine Pouches

Magpul magazines, 60 round, 40 round, 30 round and 20 round models

Vortex Ranger 1500 Range Finder


Glock 34 modified by Mod 1 Firearms

Factory Glock Magazines with Taran Tactical Innovations Basepads

Magpul PMAG 21 GL9 magazines

L.A.G. Tactical Super ‘Nova Competition Holster

L.A.G. Tactical MCS Magazine Pouches

Belt Gear & Accessories

Safariland ELS Competition Outer Belt

Safariland Competition Inner Belt

Safariland Equipment Locking System (ELS) for Magazine Pouches and Shell Caddies

Safariland Quick Locking System holster attachment




Affiliate Disclaimer:

Some links on this and other pages are affiliate links. That means if you purchase from one of my trusted vendors that I have an affiliate relationship with I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

I make it a point to link only to the companies and products that either I or our guests have used and can recommend. My goal with The 3-Gun Show is to provide you with an entertaining and educational podcast that you look forward to listening to each week. Doing this requires that I invest a considerable amount of time and money. These affiliate commissions will ensure that I am able to provide you with high quality podcasts for years to come. Thanks for helping!


  • werner says:

    Great Show – I love it!!!

    Thank you for the show and promoting the 3Gun sport.


    South Africa

  • eugene rios says:

    how can a beginner get into the sport and find help finding a setup for 3 gun? looking for comparisons on all 3 guns if at all possible. thanks again for all your doing to push the sport!!

  • You have a great show Dave! It really promotes the shooting sports in a positive light.

    I recently took over as the multi-gun match director at our club. Our 1st match this year was my baptism as match director. I think we put on a quality match at a very reasonable cost to the shooter ($40). We tried hard to build stages that introduce our shooters to the kind of things they’ll see at a major match. We provided lunch and an awards/prize table presentation after the match. The after action feedback was very supportive. All of the proceeds from the 1st match went back into purchasing trophies, additional targets and supplies for our next match.

    I’ve been reaching out to the shooting industry/community both locally and nationally looking for stage sponsorship help for our next match. With so many matches around the country and a sales dip in the industry it’s getting harder and harder to find match sponsorship support. You interact with a very large section of the shooting industry. Would you be interested in helping connect our club with stage sponsors to grow the shooting sports, in particular multi-gun, in our area?

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