70: Taking Charge of Your Progress with Mike Whitesides of Dissident Arms

Mike Whitesides, co-owner of Dissident Arms and co-match director of Dissident Arms Multigun, is on the show to discuss how he rocketed into the 3Gun world through gunsmithing and running their own high-level monthly 3-Gun Nation Matches and why becoming a near-one-for-one guy on slugs and a near-one-for-one guy on long range will change your 3-Gun game.

Key topics in this podcast:

  • Be self aware and model the habits of the top shooters
  • How to take charge of your own progress in the sport and create a top-level match
  • The importance of gaining experience in your local matches without crushing the shooter’s spirit
  • And more!

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Mike’s Sponsors:

Dissident Arms X-treme BulletsCombat ShootersBrileyBig Guys Shooting SupplyNERD Capital CartridgeLawson & Palmer LLCMax Michael Training

Good Stuff from Dissident Arms:

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Selected Links from this podcast:

Dissident Arms Shooters:

Mike Whitesides – Lan Nguyen – Kalani LakerHunter “Nubs” Cayll

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