95: Saying Yes to Every Opportunity with Corinne Mosher

Corinne Mosher, a firearms instructor and strong Second Amendment advocate is our guest on the podcast this week and we talk about her philosophy of saying yes to every opportunity, using the stress of competition to improve how she teaches her students and how high level musical accomplishments have made Corinne better at managing her mental game in 3-Gun.

Notable Topics in the Podcast:

  • Competition as the testing ground for martial training
  • How to deal with the struggle of not getting better when you’re putting in hard work
  • Viewing your matches as practice rather than the pinnacle of your game
  • Shooting to your abilities
  • Plus!  Step-by-step stage breakdown and match prep
  • And more!

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Corinne’s Sponsors:

Taran Tactical Innovations – Hornady – Century Arms – Canik USA – Walker’s Hearing Pro – State Line Nissan of Kansas City – L.A.G. Tactical – 5.11 Tactical – Weapon Shield – Centerfire Shooting Sports

Connect with Corinne:

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Corinne’s DQ Story and How to Prevent it:


Have your match video reviewed by a Pro 3-Gunner!

Want to get your match video reviewed by a Pro 3-Gunner Craig Outzen? Here’s how it will work:

  1. Pick a match that you shot this year. Tell us what it was.
  2. Make sure the match results are in Practiscore
  3. Submit YouTube links to two videos of you shooting that match.
    1. One that you consider your best stage
    2. One that you consider your worst stage
  4. Email them to dave@3gunshow.com with the subject line “Match Vid”
  5. Keep listening to the 3-Gun Show and we will pick a few good ones to review on an upcoming episode!

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Thanks to Corinne for being an awesome guest on The 3-Gun Show!

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