118: Match Recon – 3-Gun Nation Southwest Regional (2017) – Plus Survey Breakdown

The first of many Match Reconnaissance podcasts finds me at the 2017 3-Gun Nation Southwest Regional at the Cawthorn Cartridge Club range in Navasota, TX which is home to the Dissident Arms Multigun. The goals of these Match Recon podcasts and reports are to provide you with information to decide where to spend your hard earned match dollars and to give you the necessary tools to help you prepare for the match when you shoot it yourself.

Click through to listen to the podcast or read the quick stats and details on the match. Plus, the podcast includes a breakdown of the audience survey that helped decide the important criteria!

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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match 3-Gun Nation Southwest Regional
Date March 4, 5
Location Cawthorn Cartridge Club, Navisota, TX near College Station
Total Time or Points Match? Total Time
Rule Set 3-Gun Nation
Quick Stats
*Schedule 2-Day Match, Half-Day format, and due to the number of shooters, there were only morning squads with two afternoon-only squads added in later when the AMU signed up.
*Match Fee $275 to walk the prize table or $150 for trophy only.
*Number Shooters 169 shooters signed up, 158 finished the match
*Divisions, Winners Factory – Adam Maxwell
Heavy – Chris Wiesmann
Practical – Daniel Horner
Practical Pistol Carbine – Rob Romero
Unlimited – Wyatt Gibson
Unlimited Pistol Carbine – Dave Hartman
*Other opportunities Shotgun Speed Shoot $75 first division, $35 second
Shotgun Class (Keith Garcia) $250-discounted match fee
3-Gun 101, Basic Training $250-discounted match fee
What Happens After You Shoot $5
Pro Series Match #3 & #4
Skillz Utilized Not many awkward positions that I could see in this match. There were about a dozen long range targets out to 410, longest was a bonus target at 420. Longest slug was about 80 on a pretty generous target and one unique one at 60 that was shot from the top of a tower, with KO’s to follow. There were two off-hand rifle plate racks.
Terrain – Bay stages or natural terrain? This was a mix of 4 bay stages, 1 super large “tac bay” two long-range stages (one of which is similar to a long-bay stage, one which had a terrain run laterally) and one shotgun-only jungle-run.
Match Flavor This match was a speedy match. Stages were designed by Mike Whitesides and Lan Ngyuen and I know these guys are both proficient at pistol shooting and Mike is an open shooter so there were a lot of opportunities to shoot steel on the move and blaze on paper in the bays. The two long range stages were designed as 2-gun stages which makes reset much easier. One rifle pistol and one rifle shotgun. So if I had to say that there was a theme, I would say that movement was that theme.
Fun factor Had a blast at this match. Great squad, the people make it. I love jungle runs, so the all SG stage was great. Cool that the Pro-Match ran at the same time as the regional so there is something fun to do in the evening.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets
Logistics Check-in was easy, just go up and chat with Tennille. Scoring was done on practiscore so it was obviously easy, quick and available at any time from a competitor standpoint. Prize table walk seemed like it went fine and I heard no complaints.
Funny things that happen at the match. It rained. A lot. I had PCC problems on 3 of 8 stages so that was a bummer.
Venue Venue is easy to access and easy to find via google maps. It is wide open farm land and features a PRS area with shooting out to 1000 yards. 8 bays, one zero bay
Pre-Communication Yup. Multiple emails came out before the match and one during as an update on match flow and weather. The pre-emails included where to be & when, squad matrix and notifications of other opportunities at the match.
Staff The match staff was great. RO’s kept everything moving well, even in the incliment weather. There was a medical emergency and one of the RO’s handled the scene while another RO grabbed a med-bag to assist along with the range master.

Photo Credit: Snippets of Life Photography at the 3-Gun Nation Southwestern Regional

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  • Gatorgirl3X says:

    This is probably the best show yet. You included a lot of relevant info on the match and the recon format seems helpful to someone considering or preparing for this specific match. Thanks for taking our survey info and bringing it to life with real match info. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this may also be the funniest and most entertaining podcast you have done yet. Your interaction with Rick is perfect and without effort produces some really funny comments and anecdotes that the listener didn’t see coming from a seemingly innocuous topic. While I enjoy all of your podcasts, I listen to them during my morning walks, this is, in my opinion, the best so far. Keep the info, banter and humorous anecdotes coming on future podcasts. They make me laugh out loud and help my walks go faster and something I look forward to.

    • Dave says:

      Thank you so much Gatorgirl! I’m glad you find the information useful and also get a kick out of our silly jokes. 🙂

  • Leon Oliver says:


    I have been looking for this exact information in relation to the Midwest regional in Forest-lake, MN.
    Great idea to add to the already great podcast.


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