122: Bringing a 3-Gun World Shoot to France in 2018 with Eric Grauffel and John McClain

Eric Grauffel and John McClain of the Armscor Shooting Team are on the podcast to discuss how John was able to introduce Eric, a six-time world IPSC Pistol Champion to 3-Gun. Traditionally Eric has had to travel from France to the US to shoot any 3-Gun matches but with the construction of the IPSC World Pistol Shoot range and the recent relaxing of France’s firearms laws, Eric plans to bring a 3-Gun World Shoot to France.

Highlights of the Podcast:

  • If you don’t shoot your rifle at distance, you will never know how to
  • How to travel to the US with guns
  • Plus, the master plan to create an 20 Stage 3-Gun World Shoot in 2018
  • And more!

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A big thank you to Eric and John for being great guests on The 3-Gun Show!


  • Scott Jones says:

    Hi Dave

    Excellent podcasts!! I just want to say thanks for the shows. They have made my commute to and from work a far more pleasurable experience!!

    My name is Scott and I am from the UK. You are probably aware that we have some heavily regulated laws around gun control……possibly second only to Japan. I have managed to negotiate the necessary red tape to gain a Firearm Certificate.

    After a few years of limited shooting, a few of us have discovered multi gun practical shooting. There are very few clubs in the whole of the UK who engage with IPSC rules so we are a rare breed in this corner of the world. I have completed the UKPSA Safety Course and have gained a Competition Certificate. There is one club in Wales that I am a member of, maybe 5 clubs in England and none that I know of in Scotland. In Northern Ireland……………….well………….who knows. They do things their own way there and the rest of the UK try not to get involved:-)

    We are going to Florida either in the summer of next year or 2019 and I am excited and hopeful that I can escape Disney World and my beautiful family to soak up a 3 gun comp somewhere local. Do you know if I will be able to rent/borrow/beg/acquire guns to participate in a competition?

    Once again, thanks for the podcasts. I almost look forward to travelling to work because of them!!

    Kind regards


    • Dave says:

      Hey Scott! So glad that you are enjoying the podcasts and that you were able to obtain your Firearm Certificate!
      I am not aware of a rental program for firearms, mostly because I have not had to think about it. The great thing about the sport of 3-Gun is that people almost fight over who gets to lend their gun to you when you’re new. 🙂
      Check out the Universal Shooting Academy in Florida: http://www.universalshootingacademy.com Not only do they have a full service range that is oriented to practical shooting, one of their instructors, Shannon Smith, has his own podcast as well and is an accomplished shooter and instructor.

      Let me know how it goes!!

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