132: Match Recon We Defy Run & Gun (2017)

A 2-Gun Run & Gun match is where we find ourselves this week for our Match Recon series. This is quite the departure from the regular 3-Gun matches that we shoot throughout the year and if you’re interested in this type of match you’ll love this episode of The 3-Gun Show where we break down the 2017 We Defy Run & Gun including how to shoot a run & gun, the gear required, the feel of the match, how to prepare and what you should bring.

This was our first Run & Gun and we learned a lot about carrying gear and managing ammo over distance. North Texas Multigun always puts on a great match at the Triple C Range and this was a completely new experience for us!

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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match We Defy Run & Gun
Date 20-May
Location Triple C Range, Cresson, TX
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus Penalties, Points
Rule Set North Texas Multigun
PractiScore? Sign up in PractiScore, results in Excel
Quick Stats
*Schedule 1-Day Format, Heats ran longest to shortest, first signed up to last, released at 4 min intervals. 5.56k – 3 Stages, 7.62k – 5 Stages, 15 & 20k – 7 Stages.
*Match Fee $115
*Number Shooters 51 Shooters
*Divisions, Winners 5.56k- Jason Davis
7.62k- Lyle Chambers
15k- Carter Fairless
20k- Brandon Stocker
*Other opportunities None
Match Flavor Run and Gun!
Terrain Most running is on hardpack roads, some on cut grass. Shooting on natural terrain, very little movement. Mostly stand & deliver. No bay stages.
Skillz Utilized Running distances while carrying a load. Carrying a dummy. Quickly memorizing stage instructions and stage plans.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 5x 200 yards, 7x ~110-150, 5 targets out to 100.
Logistics Shooter’s meeting they explained rules & start times. No one walked through the day before.
Venue 2000 acre working ranch, texas longhorns, horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, etc. 16 bays in the main area plus a 200 yard sight-in range. Shots out to a mile, with another 1.1 miles of runout behind that target. Pavilion, real bathrooms with running water. No longer any shipping container towers as the long-range club moved out.
Pre-Communication Web site had a little bit about what to expect from the match beyond the just the normal rules. 12 days out the match booklet with stage descriptions and round count was sent via practiscore email.
Staff Staff was great, helpful and in good moods. A lot of familiar faces including dudes that RO’d the Vortex Shooter’s Source Match
Fun factor/Dave Factor Fun match! Not enough shooting for the time involved.
Funny things that happen at the match. A lot of camo at this match, made it feel like maybe it was similar to the early days of 3-Gun. Dave used the wrong ammo AGAIN….

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