181: Texas 3-Gun Championship Match Chat with Kurt Gruber, Aaron Hayes & Garrison England

The Texas 3-Gun Championship is one of my favorite matches of the year and I sit down with the senior match staff to talk about what it takes to put on a Texas-sized 3-Gun match, what their goals are when interacting with shooters and how they were able to move the match to its new home. Plus we get to chat about sponsorship advocacy and how a new position at Texas 3-Gun is providing more value to the companies and individuals that make these matches possible. Match Director Kurt Gruber, Range Master Aaron Hayes and Sponsor Advocate/Social Media Maniac Garrison England give us an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the admin side of a match while it is in full swing.

Intro to 3-Gun Class

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  • Texas 3-Gun Championship
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One Comment

  • Allen Jenkins says:

    Dave, awesome show!! I’ve been dabbling in the sport of 3 Gun/Multi Gun for about three years now and have just recently gotten serious And committed to competing. This show is amazing on so many levels, so thank you for what you do to appeal to the novis (and I’m sure, veterans) of the sport. I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to all of the episodes, but from the ones I have, the common theme I hear is to just go out and shoot a “big” match. Could you point me to a previous episode or maybe think about producing a new one to address the execution of this? What are some good big matches? Which are open to all who show/sign up, or does one have to qualify, and how to know, etc. Thanks again and keep up the great work. BTW, I was stationed in COS but hated that, either there were no good matches nearby or I wasn’t aware of them. I had to drive all the way to Pueblo West!! Wish I had learned of your show then!!

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