184: Run & Gun – What You Need to Know with Cody Allenbaugh

This week we have a unique episode and a couple of guests to help me do it. Cody Allenbaugh is a guy that is no stranger to 3-Gun, I met cody on the range when he was RO’ing a match and I’ve come to learn that Cody is a an avid run & gun racer. It just so happens that I am helping put on a Run & Gun at my local range with our 3-Gun Match Director, Mike Griswold. Mike came in the studio with me to do the match recon of Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-Gun which is up on the Patreon feed at patreon.com/3gunshow. We used this opportunity to pick Cody’s brain on how to set up and run our own match.

This podcast is all about running & gunning so we talk gear specific to run & gun, the side benefit of losing weight and getting ripped to shoot these matches. And like I said we get Cody’s expert advice on everything from run distances, number of stages, how to set up target arrays, staggering shooters to prevent backups and of course, how do we score it?

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  • Cody’s FB page, Oklahoma Multi-Gun: https://www.facebook.com/OklahomaMultiGun/
  • Run & Gun Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1441546449222951/

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Thank you to Cody for helping Mike and I brainstorm our Run & Gun match on The 3-Gun Show!

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