206: Rocky Mountain 3-Gun (2017) Match Recon | Nick Ingmire

Rocky Mountain 3-Gun is one of those storied matches that has been around for a long time. Special Field Correspondent Nick Ingmire calls it “a rifleman’s match” and in this episode of The 3-Gun Show’s Match Recon you’ll find out why. Combine challenging and sometimes tricky multigun stages with the gorgeous backdrop that is the NRA Whittington Center and you have the recipe for an epic match.

As you’ll hear in the podcast I intended to make the 2018 match but wasn’t able to get there. This turned out to be a tragedy because the 2018 was the last match for RM3G. So consider this episode a time-capsule of a great match that had an amazing run of 16 years.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to special field correspondent Nick Ingmire for doing the Recon podcast!

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