223: Big Ben Blast & Dash Run & Gun AAR with Mike Griswold

The Big Ben Blast & Dash presented by Vortex Optics was a match of many firsts. The first Run & Gun held in Colorado, my first match as Assistant match Director and possibly the first 3-Gun Run & Gun match. Run & Gun matches are usually rifle and pistol but as 3-Gunners we thought it was important to include the shotgun when designing this match. Match Director Mike Griswold of Rocky Mountain Targets is on this week’s podcast and we run down the good, the bad and the ugly of putting together a new match for our Colorado shooters.

This was a really cool experience for me because it gave me an enormous appreciation for the amount of work and dedication that goes into a match. It was also fun working with sponsors like Vortex optics, JP Rifles, LAG Tactical, Stoeger & many, many more from a completely different perspective than I usually do with the podcast.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Mike for being such a fantastic match director and guest on the podcast!

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