238: Match Recon- Rock Hard 3-Gun (2018) with Brian Vaught

Born out of the love of shooting physically demanding matches, the Rock Hard 3-Gun takes the genre to the next level. Brian Vaught is on the podcast to give us a Recon of what to expect from Rock Hard and how to approach the match. 

The 2019 Rock Hard is coming up fast so good luck to all the competitors as they put it all on the line for glory!

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Match Recon Criteria:

MatchRock Hard
Total Time or Points Match?Points
Rule SetI would say a Hybird
PractiScore? (Sign up, Payment & Scoring)yes
Quick Statsyes
*Schedulefull day x 2
*Match Fee200
*Number Shooters137
*Divisions & Winners (1-3rd place)Division1st2nd
*Other opportunitiesPistol, SG, PCC, Rifle-King, Wobble trap
Match Flavor – Is there a theme? Rifle heavy, shotgun heavy, etc? Props? What sets it apart from other matches? Is there something only this match has?pretty much a demanding as can be attained within the time they have for everyone to shoot the match. Best shooters times were >180 sec on most stages.
Skillz Utilized – Awkward positions, heavy focus on quad loading, offhand rifle, slugs at distance, trick shots, long Pistol shots, crazy obstacles, physical match? etcrunning over cars, flipping tires, climbing towers, long travel on stage, rough terrian, shooting under obstacles, lots of offhand rifle, “high value” targets.Lots of spinning targets.
Terrain – Bay stages or natural terrain? IF there is a mixture, what is the proportion? Are there unique features and how were they utilized?open and wild. One stage was in pistol bays, but utilized all 5 with >100 yeards of travel between. Shot a 50 bmg at 1000 yard gong.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets. Shotgun/Pistol?? other than 50 bmg shot, 400 yard  flasher. Most rifle was within 200 but postional. Longest slug was just over 60. Pistol was just over 35 yards
Logistics- Checkin, scoring, prize table walk, etcno problem. 5 min check in, shooters bag, shirt
Venue – Ease of access, creative use of facility, other interesting qualities, local idosynchrasies etcMeals included in this match made it nice. B-fast/dinner at Lodge, Lunch deliverd to stages. Parking was limited on some stages. There was enough but shooters had to coordinate rotation.
Pre-Communication – Do you receive information about what to expect at the match or any other pertinent informationLots and lots of FB posts, emails through practiscore. Round counts and walk-thus were on FB page for match.
Staff – How did the staff treat the shooters?They made sure all shooters hustled to get rest done and to be ready to shoot, Had this stressed at the shooters meeting. All Ros were respectful and polite, but direct about what was important and why.
Fun factor – Highly subjective, could hurt some feelings.for me this is the “best kind of 3-gun” open terrain and lost of physical challenge. It seemed to me, the shooters that came, were looking for the same thing and got it.
Match Fee Quotient: fee/ # stages, how many would you shoot again?$200/6=$33
Funny things that happen at the match.lots of good falls vids, not sure if they will become public. Lots of running guns out to those with issues. Pretty sure guy on my squad shot a flipped clay out of the air with a slug. 2 cases of people thinking the decorative sand in a bottle on their table at the lodge was seasoning. 

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Joe for the great class, Bill for the hospitality and both dudes for being awesome guests on the podcast!

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