241: The Tactical Games with Tim Burke

If you’ve been paying attention to 3-Gunners on social media you’ve probably noticed that several regulars at national multigun matches and friends of The 3-Gun Show have been training to compete in the Tactical Games, a new sport that is the brainchild of Tim Burke. 

Well those shooters went to the games and did very well. I got the opportunity to check out a Tactical Games event that was held just outside of Austin and cheer on some friends. While I was there I met Tim Burke and was able to get an interview with him to learn about his vision for the games, how it came about and how you can prepare to compete if it sounds like something you’re into.

Tim was an incredibly fun and friendly host and the Tactical Games looked like a ton of fun. 

What do you think, is it something you’d compete in?

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Tim for being such a great guest on the podcast! Best of luck to you and The Tactical Games!

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  • David Mullins says:

    Love it!
    We welcome a site visit to our 66 acre site near Fayetteville Nc and Ft Bragg.
    This may be great opportunity to develop and grow.

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