Go Shoot Your First Match Before You Are “Ready”

For #flashbackfriday I have here the pistol I shot my first match with and the pistol I shot my most recent match with.

Top: a well-worn Gen2 Glock 17 that I bought used. This was my concealed carry pistol and I wanted to shoot it in 3-Gun to train. It was completely stock for my first match in November 2011, I later upgraded to Warren Tactical Sights sights.

Bottom: An STI International DVC 3-Gun that I bought ever so gently used in early 2019. Stock except for the magical Limcat Custom magwell that I received as a birthday gift. 

My first competition pistol with not my last competition pistol. Both are great, the Glock still works (duh) but I rarely shoot it anymore. The STI is the nicest shooting pistol that I currently own but I’m glad that I started with the Glock 17 because if I waited to start shooting 3-Gun & USPSA until I could afford the STI then I wouldn’t have started for years.

The point of this post is that if you’re thinking of shooting a match, don’t wait. Get out there with what you have now and start your journey. Have fun, meet fantastic people, sharpen your skills. Upgrade your gear over time as you gain knowledge and experience in the game. When I was new, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I learned the game with a much smaller investment in gear than I have now. 

Have patience, be willing to learn and start now.

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