Roles and Responsibilities in a Match

271: Essential Match Roles & What They Mean To You with Adam Maxwell

Every now and then we do a podcast that makes me think “ohhh I wish we did that years ago!” And this is one of them.

I remember when I was green in the 3-Gun major match scene and trying to figure out who all these match staffers were, what their dynamic and hierarchy was and how I could help.

In this podcast we cover all the personnel positions necessary to pull off a major match and what they mean including; Match Director, Property Coordinator, Prize Table Coordinator, Build Crew, Range Master, Mr. Fix It, Stats Guy, Range Officer Team (CRO & Scorekeeper), Media (Photographer, Social Media guy, Hype man).

Not only do we give you definitions of each and how they can best contribute to the match but we also cover some creative ways to recruit these folks and how you can contribute to a match with your special set of skills.

Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to AMax for always being an entertaining guest on the show!

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