277: Vortex Shooter’s Source 3-Gun Championship (2019) – Match Recon

Tucker Schmidt makes his debut on The 3-Gun Show dishing out that juicy Match Recon on the 2019 Vortex Shooter’s Source 3-Gun Championship.

Tucker has shot this match each of the last three years so as a discerning shooter, what did he think of this year’s match? Find out in this Match Recon.

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Match Recon Criteria

MatchVortex Shooters Source 3 Gun
Date5/03/19 – 5/05/19
LocationTriple C Range Cresson, TX
Scoring? (Total Time or Points Match)Time plus Points
Rule SetNorth Texas Multigun Ruleset
PractiScore? (Sign up, Payment & Scoring)Practiscore (All)
Quick Stats
*Schedule3 Day 4, 4, 2 (All Day Format)
*Match Fee$300
*Number Shooters213 Registered, 205 Finished
*Divisions & Winners (1-3rd place)Division1st2nd3rd
H Irons 1James Moir
H Optics 12Justin MorrisCraig SteffeckJonathan Gentile
Limited 16Joe EasterDarin CepedaRiley Kropff
Open 37Dillen EasleyJames GillJared Halbert
Tac Ops 144Kyle LitzieDaniel JirasekJoe Farewell
*Other opportunitiesNight Match, Pre match Food and Prize Table
Recon Criteria
Match Flavor – Is there a theme? Rifle heavy, shotgun heavy, etc? Props? What sets it apart from other matches? Is there something only this match has?Traditional TX Style match, Low stress environment where coaching is allowed and a mulligan is available to purchase with the proceeds going to charity.
Skillz Utilized – Awkward positions, heavy focus on quad loading, offhand rifle, slugs at distance, trick shots, long Pistol shots, crazy obstacles, physical match? etcLots of long shots with all 3 guns, even with birdshot ( full choke), long winded stages, not much hoser with any gun, pretty comfy long range postions. 
Terrain – Bay stages or natural terrain? IF there is a mixture, what is the proportion? Are there unique features and how were they utilized?100% Natural terrain
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets. Shotgun/Pistol??31 >200-600yds rifle, approx 100yds pistol, approx 90yds slug, 35 yds birdshot
Logistics- Checkin, scoring, how prize distribution happens? (by division, overall, random), etcRandom Draw Table, and winners by division. Awesome Logistics from PS as always.
Venue – Ease of access, creative use of facility, other interesting qualities, local idosynchrasies, proximity to hotels-airports if pertinent. etc. Venue is one of the best, Lots of wildlife, long windy roads with beautiful scenery, hotels and b+b’s within 30 min, dallas love less than an hour.
Pre-Communication – Do you receive information about what to expect at the match or any other pertinent informationJeremy is always on point with info, sent out a pretty accurate match book, great with emails through practiscore.
Staff – How did the staff treat the shooters?Our squad enjoyed the staff. Treated with respect and a fair amount of banter 🙂
Fun factor – Highly subjective, could hurt some feelings.Definitely could hurt some feelings, challenging match, hard enough to challenge everyone, but most seem to get thru ok with the help of coaching. 
Funny things that happen at the match.Mudd gate/ mini van mafia.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to AMax for doing the Match Recon with me!

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