284: The Sinistral Rifleman – Russell Phagan

This episode of the podcast is a long time coming. My guest is Russell Phagan who is better known as Sinistral Rifleman on YouTube, instagram, etc.

Russel made the video that first got me excited about shooting 3-gun way back in 2009 that you can see below.

We’ve talked about this video numerous times over the years including back in Episode 8 with Jesse Tischauser.

Russell has seen and done a lot over the years and he has constantly shifted his style to stay with the times which is why he is a proponent of 2-Gun matches.

We have a long discussion on that along with appealing to larger demographics of shooters and what we can do about those dang tech companies trying to silence our message.

That and more in this episode of the 3-Gun show.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Russell for inspiring a generation of competitive shooters and for being an awesome guest on The 3-Gun Show!

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