297: IWI 3 Man, 3 Gun at Topton AAR, 2021

Adam Maxwell is on the show this week to recant the tale of the 2021 IWI 3 Man, 3 Gun at Topton. A team match that has inspired so many other team matches across the country.

We discuss the ins and outs of travel to the range, what to expect from the Topton match and how to prepare for it. Plus we talk about how to choose your teammates and what the special duties of a multigun match teammate actually include.


  • Neal Smith says:

    Adam admitted to not knowing any of the practiscore info including the match fee, etc.
    If he did he would have known the divisions were “tac” and “unlimited”
    Unlimited explained that you can use any and all legal weapons and were free to switch configuration during the match. The targets were designated by caliber not specific weapons.
    It has been like this for at least 3 years now.

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