304: Purposeful Training & Design with Max Leograndis

We’re incredibly excited to have Max Leograndis on this week’s show and being his first appearance, we had to talk about everything. From First Principles Training to designing a match from the ground up including scoring, divisions and even targets, Max details how he first became interested in 3-Gun to mastering PCC to the point of staleness and looking to build something bigger.

We get very deep in this podcast and cover how Max set out to create an entirely new experience in practical shooting with the Practical Shooting League 2-Gun Championships. I feel Max is really on to something here with this format and everyone that I spoke to that shot his debut match definitely agrees. Not only did Max move to fix all of the division issues he’s observed between USPSA and Outlaw matches but he designed the match’s targets from scratch.

What do you think? Would you shoot a match like Max describes?

Follow Max & Sign up for the December Cobalt Kinetics Practical Shooting League 2-Gun Championship:

The Dust Storm at the first Practical 2-Gun Championship

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