Update: Fantasy 3-Gun (Ineligible Competitor, Game Closes Soon)

Hey team managers, we have a quick update to the list of eligible competitors for this weekend’s Fantasy League play of the 2021 Vortex Shootout!

Breaking News:

Houston Russell is shooting open division rather than the tac-ops division as our information initially stated.

Because of this, each Player that picked Russell for their Tac-Ops team has been sent an email to have them pick an alternate competitor.

Houston Russell will now be an ineligible pick for the 2021 Vortex Shootout Fantasy League game as his correct Division was not known when we started picking. We learned from this instance and if we play this game in the future, the 3GS Fantasy League will look for a method to facilitate Players having the ability to change their team up until game day.

Thanks for understanding and good luck!!

If you haven’t signed up for the Fantasy League yet, hurry up! https://store.3gunshow.com/product/fantasy-3-gun-for-vortex-shootout-2021/

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