312: Big Changes Coming to 3-Gun?

In episode 300 I proposed several changes to the Big 3 Division’s gear requirements to further separate the divisions which have gotten very similar over the years and to lower the barrier of entry into the sport.

This week’s guest Aaron Hayes was energized by the proposal and reached out to discuss and challenge some of the changes. Listen in as we hash out the details and react to several pieces of audience feedback.

As a reminder, here are the proposed changes that we will be discussing on the show.

ConfigurationTube fed, 12gaTube Fed, 12gaUnlimited
Capacity8 round tube (2.75”), 9 total12 round tube (2.75”), 13 totalUnlimited
Optical/Electronic SightsNoNoUnlimited
Port Load Shell HolderYes, One ShellYes, One ShellUnlimited
Loading DevicesNoneNoneUnlimited
ConfigurationSemi-Auto, min .223/5.56Semi-Auto, min .223/5.56Semi-Auto, min .223/5.56
CapacityDouble stack box mag, 30 round maxDouble stack box mag, 45 round maxUnlimited
Coupled MagsNoYesYes
Primary SightsOne, non-magnifiedOne, magnified ok, variable okUnlimited
Secondary SightsNoIrons, okUnlimited
CompensatorYes, max 1” x 3”Yes, max 1” x 3”Unlimited
Bipods & BagsNoNoYes
ConfigurationSemi-Auto, min 9x19mmSemi-Auto, min 9x19mmSemi-Auto, min 9x19mm
Capacity141.25mm max length mags141.25mm max length magsUnlimited
SightsIronOptical/Electronic Okay, Slide mounted between rear of slide and ejection portUnlimited

We Want to Hear from You!

What do you think of these proposed changes? Leave a thoughtful comment below and let’s continue the conversation.


  • Daniel Crowley says:

    Hey love the show Dave. I am new to the sport of 3 gun. Actually just shot my first match last Saturday November 27th. It was a club match here in Florida. I used what I had my Glock 17 with a red dot… and my mossberg 940 with the same red dot. Now My only goals going to this match were to learn, have fun, and not get DQ’d. Which I accomplished all and had a blast. I was placed in open division bc of my equipment. The guys that shot TO SMOKED me… everyone did for that matter. Forget trying to compete with guys with race pistols and box fed shotguns. Kinda wish I was able to be placed in TO and be able to continue practicing with my equipment before having to change or buy new. I agree with everything you said in this episode. Thanks again makes my drives better listening to the show!

  • Barry Akerley says:

    Finally caught up to this episode. I’ll say first off that I have not fully thought through this suggestion but here goes anyway. Trying to 1) not create new divisions so they are not diluted, 2) attract new shooters to bring what they have, 3) allow for some flexibility in set up.

    Limited: Allow 1 optic, (mag or 1x) – can be on any gun (caters to new shooters who might have a red dot or scope on an AR or on a dot on a pistol). tube fed shotgun (8rd max in tube), pistol capacity limit of 17rds, AR mag limit of 30 rds (no coupled mags)

    Tac Ops: Allow 2 optics – (one 1x and one any mag) can be on any guns (allows offset dot w LPVO on AR, or red dot on shotgun or pistol), other rules for tac ops apply

    Open: standard open rules apply

    Just a thought – trying to keep it simple….

  • Patrick says:

    Late to the party but thought I’d chime in. I get why Tac-Ops is the way it is but it’s pretty discouraging to someone who wants to compete with the actual setup they would use in non-competition scenarios. Mainly I’m talking about how LPVO with offset Red Dot is becoming the standard these days. I think Tac-Ops should allow for one unmagnified optic on each gun + a magnified optic on the rifle but keep everything else standard including limiting it to 30 round, uncoupled magazines.

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