314: Uniting Competition & Tactical with Adam Riser

Have you ever liked something so much that you just had to tell the world? That’s what we have going on the podcast this week as Adam Riser gives us a rundown of the PCS League’s 2-Gun Championship held last month.

Adam reached out to discuss the match on the show after he got the opportunity to witness the unique combination of Practical (Tactical) and Competition skills tested in the league.

Adam also runs down scoring, how to train for the league matches and the schedule for 2022.

Check out the complete ruleset, targets and Practical Competition Shooting League schedule at https://www.pcsleague.com/upcoming-events

Follow Adam on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adamriser/

I made a cool video!

I’ve learned a lot about building AR’s in the last ten years of shooting 3-Gun and I share all of the things that I do to make for a reliable, accurate rifle in this video. Plus, see how many tries it took me to install my muzzle brake!

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