USPSA Multigun Nationals Scores (2022)

The 2022 USPSA Multigun Nationals was held at The Clinton House in Clinton, South Carolina. From the footage I saw on social media this weekend it looked like the stages were exciting! The match was attended by 139 athletes, 56 in Open Division, 69 in Tactical, 10 in Limited, three in Heavy Metal Tactical and one in Heavy Metal Limited.

Match Director, Shannon Smith and USPSA’s Director of Media and Events, Jake Martens were both on The 3-Gun Show prior to the match to discuss the importance of MG Nats and how rule changes meant to relax long gun restrictions would affect competitors.

Some Observations:

Open was STACKED and so was Tactical but slightly less deep. Only four percent separated the top five in Open! Jon Wiedell won the very first match he shot as part of the Army Marksmanship Unit. Boot camp didn’t slow him down at all! Nate Staskiewicz beat 12-time USPSA MG Nats Winner Dan Horner in Tactical.

At what point do we as a community not recognize a division in a match? Heavy Metal Limited had one shooter and Heavy Metal Tactical had three. I know we always want more participation at matches but if we’re crowning a national champion, shouldn’t they have to compete for it?

Match Feedback From Instagram

  • “As the only member in attendance at the members meeting, the USPSA is delusional and their way of thinking. They think that they did everything perfect and the only resistance we are getting are from the few three gutters that wanted to push back. At every stage they made fun of and poked at multi gunners being unsafe, yet every stage had gross safety violations of their making. Overall I think it was a good match but it has a long way to go.” – @3gunjosh
  • “‘Tripod Nationals’ was awesome. A few tweaks and 2023 will be a banger.” – @reuben_shoots
  • “Great range. Mostly great stages. Some misses on match planning. Overall, would shoot again.” – @durkee3gun
  • “Having good food for lunch was amazing! Thank you for supporting the shooters there!” –@Joe_farewell
  • “5/5/2 format could easily be achieved with stage design favoring reset.” –@Joe_farewell
  • “The scores were posted within minutes of a run being finished which was awesome!” -@joe_farewell
  • “100 point stages are great if they’re balanced. An 8-10 second stage ruins that.” -@Joe_farewell
  • “They’re heading in the right direction with the rules and gun handling for sure! Much better.” -@Joe_farewell
  • “If I’m on the clock I want to be shooting. Not doing 30+ yard sprints to get to a gun.” -@Joe_farewell

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