332: Can the NGSW XM5/Sig MCX-SPEAR revitalize Heavy Division?

Heavy Metal, Heavy Optics or just plain Heavy. No matter how you slice it, the .308 division has been on life support for nearly a decade in Multigun. Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun and Texas 3-Gun have the highest attendance at a major match so far this year at 22 and 16 respectively but they’ve made significant improvements over the traditional rule set to make it happen. But something on the horizon might just breathe new life into the division.

The US Army has announced the adoption of the Sig Spear as the Next Generation Squad Weapon. Firing a 6.8 projectile out of a case that looks a lot like a .308, the XM5 also takes SR25 magazines meaning that with some small rule tweaks or even a barrel change it could revitalize Heavy Division in 3-Gun. In this podcast we cover why the AR and 5.56 are so popular, when just a generation ago 30-06 ruled all, and make a case for Heavy being the division of the future.

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