334: Gators & Prison- Florida Man Style Multigun with Todd Louis

Todd Louis is one of the happiest and most positive people that I’ve met at a match. After joking our way through resetting, Todd and I kept in touch over the years and I’ve learned he’s building some incredibly cool shooting opportunities through several matches that he runs in Florida.

We discuss how he got into the shooting sports, his mission to create as many fun shooting events that he can and the types of stages that you should be building as a match director to grow your community.

Links from the Podcast:

Win a rifle or pistol!

Here’s what you have to do to win one of the two guns that Todd’s partners are giving away. 

Todd and I decided that we wanted to see Instagram filled with smiling faces of people having fun on the range. So post your best buddy or squad photo and use the hashtag #multigunrangeday

Todd’s handle on instagram is multigun and he his website is multigunner.com so I thought that was appropriate. 

Take a selfie or arrange a photo shoot. Make it fun, make it funny, just show us those good times. You might want to tag Todd, Century Arms, Canik and The 3-Gun Show in that post as well.

Contest ends midnight on June 26th. Winners will be announced on the 3-Gun show’s episode on June 29th. You must be eligible to own a firearm To win it. Duh. and it will be shipped to an FFL where you’ll pass a background check. Duh.

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