Vortex Optics Big Ben Blast & Dash Scores (2022)

The third biennial Vortex Optics Big Ben Blast & Dash 5k Obstacle Race took place on July 9th and it was the biggest and best ever with 8 stages, 17 obstacles over the 5k race course at Ben Lomond Gun Club in Ramah, Colorado. Where else can you carry all your gear for an entire 8 stage match and shoot out to 600 yards!? There were 110 folks signed up including staff and 102 completed the race including 24 in Armored Division, 8 in Ladies, 14 in Men’s 50+, 30 in Men’s 35-49, 30 in Men’s 14-34 and 2 in PCC.

As co-Match Director I (Dave) have to thank the incredible staff, the welcoming range and the generous sponsors of the Blast & Dash. Also huge shout out to PractiScore for helping to fix our scoring SNAFU!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to every runner and supporter that came out to shoot our match!

If you shot the match, how was it? Leave a comment below!


Course Map

Sponsor Thanks

Thank you to our sponsors for making these Scoreboards possible. Please support the people that support our shooting sports!

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