382: Crossing Over: Connecting Action Shooters and Tactical Gamers in the Tac 2Gun Event with James Gill

In this episode, we are diving into the new match concept of Tac 2Gun. Join us as we discuss the use of pistols and rifles in shooting engagements, the importance of creating stages that make sense, and the balance between physical and shooting challenges.

James Gill is this week’s guest and he has new roles as the In Person Training Lead at the Tactical Games and he will be Match Director of the upcoming Tac 2Gun match that is a part of the Tactical Games National Event. We’ll explore the unique blend of the Tactical Games and action shooting sports, as well as the benefits of attending events with like-minded individuals seeking self-improvement.

Plus, James shares anecdotes from events he’s attended and matches he’s built over more than a decade in the shooting sports. So whether you’re a seasoned shooter or new to the world of action matches, get ready for an exciting and informative episode of Prep & Press!

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