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  • Craig Jones says:

    I started shooting a few local matches with my brother and over time ended up being an RO at some of the big matches here in Texas. Over the last few years I have had contact with most of the pro shooters and I have not run into a better group of people outside of the military. I was working a match and got the opportunity to ask Jerry Miculek for a favor. I wanted him to autograph my JM Pro. We walked over to my truck and as he was signing it, he asked how it was running. I explained that I was getting a hang up sometimes and he ended up giving me gunsmithing advice. I have had similar experiences with Craig Outzen, Daniel Horner, and many others. I have been fortunate to be able to meet some of the best people in the sport. Keep up the great work on the show.

    • Dave says:

      That’s awesome Craig and definitely has been my experience as well. We’re lucky to be surrounded by such awesome people in this sport!

  • Landon Hall says:

    I have some super genuine guys who give a lot to the 3gun community I’d like for you to interview, every time I listen to your podcast I tell myself I need to contact you to give you their contact information. I finally got around to it and now I can not find a proper way to send you an email.
    Please send me an email I’d absolutely love to make this happen.

    I have listened to every single podcast, keep it up man I love your positive attitude.

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