192: Match Recon: Wyoming Magpul Governor’s Match (2017)

This was the most difficult Match Recon that I’ve done to date. I had high hopes going into the Wyoming Magpul Governor’s Match and was very disappointed in both the match and the match administrators, Competition Dynamics.

One of the biggest problems in 3-Gun is that everyone seems afraid to “tell it like it is” when something goes wrong. When a match is terrible or a product is bad people just seem to clam up and say nothing. I’ve heard stories of repercussions for speaking up- sponsorship can be pulled, you can get blackballed from certain matches or get a reputation as a troublemaker.

I owe it to you guys as listeners of The 3-Gun Show to tell you the truth so you can make good choices on where you spend your hard earned entertainment dollars.

I believe in the vision that the Wyoming Governor’s office has for their match and it was a very cool experience to watch Governor Matt Mead speak before the prize table.

Please listen with an open mind and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match Magpul Wyoming Governor’s Match
Date August 3-6
Location Otto Road Range, Cheyenne, WY
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus Penalties, Points. 1 A/B, 2 C or 4 D to neutralize.
Rule Set USPSA-ish with additional Competition Dynamics Rules: “USPSA safety rules are the baseline for safety at this match.”
PractiScore? NO! Scoring via paper, only one record.
Quick Stats
*Schedule On/Off Match, 4/3/1
*Match Fee  $295.00
*Number Shooters 136
*Divisions, Winners Limited, Iron Sight Rifle & USPSA Limited Pistol
Tactical, Open Rifle (any number of optics and any muzzle device) & USPSA Limited Pistol
Open, Open Rifle, Open Pistol (comps and optics)
Results are “copyrighted” by CD and cannot be reproduced without permission. They can be found here.
*Other opportunities Live fire Demos from Machinegun Tours
Wyoming 100 side match
Shoot off for governor and news media
 $40 side match, 1 shot – transition – 1 shot
Match Flavor 2-Gun Match, Carbine/Pistol. Old school, simple match. Very anti-gamer and not much thinking involved.
Terrain All bays, one “natural terrain” which was basically a dirt trail on the long-range
Skillz Utilized How to game stages that were designed and written not to be gamed.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 375, 275, 175, 365, 265, 165, 355, 255, 155
Logistics Sign up was interesting, there is an application process where they want to know your shooting experience and what guns you are bringing. Squadding is via email and several competitors were reprimanded for sending more than one email. Checkin was easy. Stage descriptions changed from time we checked in to done with walking stages. Scoring was wonky. Prize table was one of the most organized prize table walks I’ve ever seen. Governor Matt Mead read all sponsor names which was totally cool.
Venue Right off I25, just west of Cheyenne. CD used existing facility almost exclusively including cowboy action shooting facades.
Pre-Communication Decent amount of information on the web site. Did not get any emails before hand.
Staff Executive CD staff seemed to hold little respect for shooters or shooter feedback. RO and scoring staff was very inexperienced and appeared not to get any training at all from CD. Most RO/Scoring staff was friendly and encouraging, especially LEO volunteers. Some were  verbally abusive to shooters.
Fun factor Match was not fun.
Funny things that happen at the match.  N/A

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