193: Match Recon – Nordic-Vortex Tri-Gun (2017)

The Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun is a storied match that was started by DPMS and through some political difficulties at their original range turned into a shotgun-only match. That carried on for a number of years and spread the shotgun culture throughout the practical shooters of Minnesota.

The Tri-Gun has been resurrected as a 3-Gun match at its new home of Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club.

Don’t expect a lot of hoser targets or easy shots at this match, they put you to the test with pistol and, of course, shotgun. Find out more by listening to this Match Recon.

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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Presented by MN 3Gun Group
Date 6 24 & 25
Location Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club, Forest Lake MN
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus Penalties, Points
Rule Set Tri-Gun Match Rules
PractiScore? Signup and Results on Practiscore
Quick Stats
*Schedule 3-Day Format, 4-3-2
*Match Fee $210
*Number Shooters 234 shooters, 221 Finished
*Divisions, Winners Heavy Limited – Jomar Villamor (9)
Heavy Optic – Jay Carillo (10)
Open – Josh Froelich (22)
Tac Limited – Nathan Payne (37)
Tactical Optics – Jake Latola (156)
*Other opportunities 2-3 Shotgun Side Matches
Match Flavor Very MN, shotgun targets were difficult, heavy and far away
Terrain 7 bay stages, 3 that were multiple bays, long range was just in a large bay. 2 natural terrain – jungle runny stages.
Skillz Utilized precision, not much hoser stuff, pistol targets were far, shotgun targets were far, uncomfortable positions, getting crammed inside small areas, shotgun loading, clay targets with rifle.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 1 375, 3 275, 3 175, then reengage 75 yards forward
Logistics Check in and get your t-shirt, looked pretty straightforward. Main match seemed well organized. RO Match was very disorganized.
Venue Rifle bays out to 400 yards, competition bays with 20 ft berms, 5 stand, sporting clays, trap & skeet, and 3D archery. SAND EVERYWHERE!
Pre-Communication Email came out 2 weeks in advance with rules, round count, self squadding info, squad matrix etc. These were later given to shooters in the form of a match booklet.
Staff One RO was a close rider. One of 3 organizers was a complete loose cannon.
Fun factor/Dave Factor Stages were pretty good other than the Terminator one. Hot Holster, Getting inside small pallets.
Funny things that happen at the match. I whooped Becky’s booty on Stage 5, Diamond mine. RO match in the woods was completely different, a good reminder how difficult it is to place well as an RO.

Thanks to Wade Jones for guest hosting this match recon!

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