209: An Industry View of 3-Gun | Jeremy Gresham

Jeremy Gresham is back on the podcast and this time we get to do a deep dive on where he came from, what he thinks of 3-Gun from an industry executive position, why he chooses to sponsor matches & shooters and his ideas of things we can do to improve the shooting sports. Jeremy has a long career in the firearms industry is currently the Director of Sales & Marketing for IWI US which has brought you products like the Galil and Tavor rifles and the Jericho pistol.

We recorded this one after hours at Triggrcon 2018 which was a really fun industry/consumer show in Bellevue Washington. Since we recorded this interview IWI has stepped up as the title sponsor of this year’s Generation III Gun. This is a pretty cool development because I love Gen3 and Jeremy sees the importance of supporting youth in the shooting sports.

Jeremy has some strong opinions and expectations of people in the shooting sports. Listen along and let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with him and why.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Jeremy for supporting the shooting sports and being a great guest on the podcast!

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