210: Gear Setup for Run & Gun with Bryan Ray

As you heard in episode 184, I’m helping design and put on a Run & Gun match in Colorado this October. Several of our local shooters are prepping and trying to figure out how to carry all the gear they’ll need for the match. Our buddy Bryan Ray reached out to help as he’s done several Run and Gun’s at Rockcastle Shooting Center and elsewhere in Kentucky.

Bryan has been on the show many times in the past so you as you know he’s quite an accomplished 3-Gunner in his own right but you may not know that he has won several Run & Gun races as well. He’s tried out many different gear solutions and has arrived on what he feels is the best setup for his game. Tune in to find out how to carry all your gear for your next Run & Gun.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Bryan for helping us out with our Run & Gun setup and for being a great guest on the podcast!

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