211: Preparation is Everything with Nathan Payne

I’m excited to have Minnesota shooter Nathan Payne on the podcast. Nathan has a really unique perspective on the game, he came in late compared to the rest of his family and his father Brian and younger brother Tyler had already made a significant impact on the sport. Nathan has done an incredible job of integrating training tactics and dedication that he learned in his days of playing college football into learning a new sport.

We talk about the pressure of living up to the family name, how his approach to gear and planning is much different than that of his 3-Gun BFF Jake Latola and what he is doing to improve and grow in the shooting sports. In the final third of the podcast we get into some great advice that Nathan received from a football coach and how he applies it to training: Preparation is Everything.

There is a lot to learn in this one so enjoy this interview with the great Nathan Payne!

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Nathan for being such an awesome guest on the podcast!

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