232: Building A 2011 Pistol – Part 1: Selecting Options

This is episode 232 where the never-ending gear quest that is 3-Gun brings us around to discussing how to select a  2011 pistol. What features to look for, why certain ones are desireable and what to avoid. This is a round table discussion with several great friends of the show, Adam Maxwell, Travis Vogel and Josh Tarrant.

The 2011-style pistol is the number one platform I see at major matches. Now club matches it is a bit different, you’ll see all kinds of $500 polymer pistols there. But major matches are ruled by 2011’s.

It is interesting if you look at  3-Gun vs USPSA. In USPSA each division has different rules and different guns accel at those rulesets. CZ’s, single-stack 1911’s, revolvers and 2011’s all play here.

But with 3-Gun our ruleset basically stipulates USPSA Limited Divison style rules for both Tac Ops and Limited and Open is open. This means that the raciest of race guns in each division end up being a 2011 style pistol.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Travis, Josh & AMax for being great guests on the podcast!

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