233: The STI Tour with James Gill & Jay Christiansen

When I first moved back to Texas Jay Christiansen said I should go check out STI International sometime. I’m always game to go check out a factory, especially one that makes gun parts so I told him to hook it up!

When the day came, James Gill came on out and after a factory tour with Tony Pignato (STI’s new marketing guy) to see how all the parts and pistols are built, we headed over to the range.

I tossed rounds down range as fast as Jay could load magazines, trying out the new Staccato Carry, the STI Combat Master, the Omni and several other fun shooters.

Then James, Jay and I headed to the conference room where we started chatting about 3-Gun, hit the record button and didn’t stop until we were hungry. Consider this episode a “current state” of 3-Gun because we touch on a wide range of topics, even taking questions from the 3-Gun Show audience.

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Jay & James for putting together the tour & being on the podcast. And thanks to Tony, Nate & all the wonderful people at STI for the hospitality!

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