310: 7 Items You NEED to Bring to a Match

Whether you are going to a club match or a major match, most 3-Gun events happen out in the middle of nowhere or at least a good distance from the next town and you have obligations throughout the day such as shooting and resetting so it is important to have everything you need to be successful. 

These 7 things will ensure that you are comfortable so you can put all of your focus on your stage plan.

If you’re reading this the day the podcast drops which is Wednesday November 17, you have until midnight tonight to sign up for the fantasy 3-gun league game for the 2021 Fort Benning Multigun Challenge. 


Top 7 Items To Bring to a Match

  1. Dude WipesBaby wipes or Dude Wipes, having moist wipes on the range will change your life.
  2. Super Glue – Close up small cuts and stop the bleeding.
  3. Gloves – Protect your hands from lead exposure, rough steel & other hazards with inexpensive leather gloves.
  4. Rain Gear – Golf umbrellas provide a lot of coverage. An oversized rain coat to cover your belt gear is also good.
  5. Sun Gear – Sunscreen is bare minimum. Shemagh or tactical scarf and a straw yard work style hat are nice.
  6. Bug Spray & After Bite – Don’t go cheap on the bug spray but either way you need an after bite stick!
  7. Hydration & Nutrition – 16-20 oz of water per stage and snacks like apple sauce, Epic jerky or other individually packed snacks throughout the day.

You may notice that the one thing that all of these have in common is that they contribute to YOUR personal comfort on the range. 

Big thanks to the folks that contributed to this list including Dave Horn, Kyle Litze, Matt Kitzmiller, Dillen Easley, Garret Grover, Mike Griswold, Josh Tarrant and Jay Christiansen.

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