309: Prize Update! Fantasy 3-Gun, Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge 2021

A quick update to the upcoming Fantasy 3-Gun Game for Fort Benning 3-Gun Challenge 2021. We have prizes! Lots of them!

For rules, competitors and to sign up to play visit: https://store.3gunshow.com/product/fantasy-3-gun-for-fort-benning-multigun-challenge-2021/

I am overwhelmed with the support that this game has received from our sponsors. They like to have fun, they think this game is going to be fun and they want you to have fun playing it.

Here are the companies that are supporting our game and the prizes that they are donating:

Keep these folks in mind when making a future purchase. These people keep the shooting sports alive by donating products to matches and to The 3-Gun Show’s Fantasy League. If they have what you need, buy it from them!

Registration closes Wednesday November 17 at midnight so hurry and sign up!

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