379: Showdown! Sig SPEAR LT vs Geissele Super Duty with Tom Kane

This week’s show is a companion piece to a popular YouTube video that I published recently.  Special guest Tom Kane joins me to compare two different of rifles: the Sig SPEAR LT and the Geissele Super Duty. 

Tom brings experience from his time as a firearms industry rep & salesman that has participated in countless demos and classes. Tom has a focus on the end user and emphasizes the importance of durable and reliable gear in life-threatening situations. 

Our discussion delves into the importance of trial and error in finding the right firearm and accessories for an individual’s needs. 

We compare the use cases features and benefits of the Sig SPEAR LT and the Geissele Super Duty. 

Ultimately each of us picks a winner and if you’ve seen the video on the Prep & Press YouTube Channel then you know which one it is. And if you haven’t there’s a link in the show notes. 

Check out the YouTube video here:

And the video version of this podcast is here:

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